MIYAKI, Asako 宮木朝子 (info)


ASAKO MIYAKI (lives in Yokohama ) graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High

School of Music and Fine Arts (piano major) and from Toho Gakuen College of Music (majored in piano performance and composition of contemporary music). She also studied composition of computer music at Toho- Gakuen and IRCAM Summer Academy (1994). Participated in Darmstadt Summer Contemporary Music Seminar, Japanese-French Contemporary Music Seminar & Festival and Akiyoshidai Festival. Her works were presented during these two festivals. She received the New Composer Award in The 8th Japan Society of Contemporary Music and was selected for The 5th Akiyoshidai International Competion of Composition.
In parallel with her composition study at Toho, Miyaki produced a number of acoustic plays (dramas) which were performed in the theaters in Tokyo. The serial works ” Echoraly” which are part of these plays are still continuing today. These are experimental works with

voice involving the ideas of space, pronunciation and anonym. In 1995 she dedicated her works for the two performances by the dance company “Leni-Basso”. There she met Akiko Kitamura, a choreographer-dancer and Masahito Matayoshi, a film-writer and they co-produced VIDEODANCE, a visualized (pictured) dance and music. This film was shown at The International Contemporary Music Festival – Lichtung 96. From 1996 Miyaki belongs to the network system “Pleroma” which is consisted of the artists in various fields (music, fine-arts, film and dance) and she takes part in its proposal-making and organization. Two concerts were given by this network so far, one of which was “Vibrating Space” realized by image and music (Lichtung 96, OAG hall). At present they continue their workshop regularly for the next project which concerns dance, image, music and performance.
Miyaki is also a member of “Genzaikei no Ongaku”, a group of contemporary music. Her works have been broadcasted by NHK, the most important national broadcasting channel of Japan. Her recent works involve the investigation of the relationship between the electronical sound and the voice.

東京都立芸術高校音楽科ピアノ専攻、桐朋学園大学音楽学部、同研究科作曲専攻卒業。ダルムシュタット夏期現代音楽講習会、秋吉台セミナー、日仏現代音 楽セミナーに参加、リスニングセッション等で自作を発表。桐朋学園、IRCAMsummer academy(94年)、INA GRMにて電子音楽を学ぶ。第八回現音作曲新人賞、第五回秋吉台作曲賞佳作にそれぞれ入選。ICMC commision Awardノミネート。大学在学中から作曲と並行して、音響劇の創作、上演を都内の小劇場にておこなう。その一環として、空間/発語/匿名性などについての音声による実験『エコラリー(反響言語)』の連作を現在も継続中。95年ダンスカンパニー”Leni-Basso”の二つの公演に音楽を提供。振付家/ダンサー

の北村明子、映像作家又吉雅人とともにVIDEO DANCE(映像化されたダンス+音楽)を共同制作,国際現代音楽祭Lichtung96にて上映された。96年より音楽/美術/映像/ダンスなど異分野の創作家によるネットワークシステム『プレローマ』の発案/企画に加わり、これまでに映像と音楽による”共振する空間(Lichtung96/ドイツ文化会館OAGホール)”など二つのコンサートをおこなう。現音アンデパンダン展、現在形の音楽96などで発表した曲がNHK-FMにて放送。映像、ダンスとのコラボレーション、インスタレーションなどの活動を行い、ミラノ「Il giardino della musica(1999)」「新しい世代の芸術祭」などで上演される一方、内外の演奏家の委嘱による作曲活動も行い、ドイツ、イタリア各地、ロンドン「Japan Festival 2001」などにて演奏される。2003年秋、沖永良部島にて巡礼野外劇<南海のオルフェウス>(総合ディレクション:今福龍太)音楽監督。酒造工場、鍾乳洞の中にてサウンドインスタレーションを行う。洗足学園音楽大学音楽音響デザインコース講師。



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(pno)Mitsuko Kado 門光子

includes HIBIKI-UTA and three arrangements from Asian folk music.


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