SUZUKI, Haruyuki

1962 Born in February 16th, Tokyo.
1983-1985 Studied composition and harmony under Masaru TANAKA and counterpoint under Hiroaki MINAMI. 1983-1985 Participated in the seminor of Joji YUASA in Tokyo College of Music. 1987-1990 Participated in the seminor of Jo KONDO in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. 1986 Participated in an art festival titled "Yakai"(Night Party) in Striped House Museum ,Tokyo. 1987 Invited and performed a new piece in Contemporary Music Exhibition sponsored by Japan Society for Contemporary Music. 1987 Participated in the concert titled "New wave of music" in Sendai. 1990 Organized a young composers' group "TEMPUS NOVUM". 1992 His first solo concert in X-Point, Shinjuku, coraborated with video art directed by Takuji YAMAGUICHI 1995 Awarded the 16th IRINO Prize for his "A Double Tour". 1995 Issued his first solo CD titled "Systematic Metal". 1995 His second solo concert in Hokutopia, Tokyo. 1996 Visited Europe for the first time and had four lectures about his music in Germany and France, and his new piece was performed in Cologne. 1996 Sound Installation Exhibition with contemporary art, titled "Circurating Daily Life" in Striped House Museum, Tokyo. 1997 Featured his music on the satelite radio program "Music Bird". 1999 Presentation about his music in "Composition Forum" in Tokyo. 1999 Participated in Sagi Poiesis III in Sagi Island, Hiroshima. He talked with Jo Kondo (composer) and Aleksandr Sokurov (film director) in public. 2000 Awarded Mainichi Film Competition Music Prize for his music for "M/OTHER" 2000 Live performance with silent film "Nosferatu". 2001 Live performance with silent film "Potemkin". 2002 Invited French composer Luc Ferrari to Japan as an organizer and gave some of his concerts and lectures. 2003 Commissioned by Trio Fibonacci and the new piece "Ratio" was first performed by them in Tokyo in May. 2003 Invited French composer Luc Ferrari to Japan second time as an organizer and gave some of his concerts and lectures. 2004 Talked about his film music in "Composition Forum," in Tokyo.
His music is performed and broadcast around the world. He often writes critics about music, fine art and film.
Systematic metal
All tape compositions by Haruyuki Suzuki
(genre / LMCD-1456)
includes Vurgar Sonatina/Challenger/1,2,3,1.2,1.2.3/for Styrene Foams/Construction
hommage to 20th century pops
(tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, (p)Toshio Nakagawa (ALM Records/ALCD-3057)

includes Thanks to night fog


includes Rain & Through a small, glittering, rectangular window
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