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ID Title Composer Year Time Instruments Remarks
458 Autumn Unfolds ITOH Hiroyuki 2015 12 fl, ob, cl, hn, bn Commissioned by the Takefu International Music Festival and dedicated to Slowind Wind Quintet
457 Se la face ay pale ITOH Hiroyuki 2015 2.5 tp, perc (3 cow bells, vib) A creative transcription of Guillaume Dufay's Sa La face ay pale
456 Dark Lake ITOH Hiroyuki 2015 6.5 tenor-sax, pf commissioned by Jeffey E. Vickers
447 Starry Night ITOH Hiroyuki 2014 11.5 fl, vn, pf commissioned by Takefu International Music Festival
412 Yoru no Niji (Night Rainbow) ITOH Hiroyuki 2014 12 vocal ensemble Commissioned by Voxhumana
411 Preluede ITOH Hiroyuki 2014 2.5 vc A creative transcription of "Prelude" from Cello Suite No.1 by J. S. Bach
410 String Quartet No. 2 ITOH Hiroyuki 2013 15 2vn, va, vc Commissioned by Takefu International Music Festival
409 Amber Castle I-b ITOH Hiroyuki 2005/2012 7.5 bass-cl, pf Version for bass clarinet and piano of the Amber Castle I for alto saxophone and piano.
408 Komori-Uta (Lullaby) ITOH Hiroyuki 2012 10.5 female chorus (a cappella) Commissioned by Akatsuki
407 A Chant from the East ITOH Hiroyuki 2012 5 orch. Commissioned by Staatheater Cottbus. CD: TLS 166 (telos music)
406 Miyama no Tori (Birds of the Woodland Silence) ITOH Hiroyuki 2011 12 20-stringed koto, recorder Commissioned by Nanae Yoshimura. CD: TRANSLIVE TLV-140214
405 A Dream of Ockeghem II ITOH Hiroyuki 2010 5 3 fl Commissioned by eX.
404 Dreams of Gullfoss ITOH Hiroyuki 2010 12 pf Commissioned by Kaori Nakajima
403 Yuragu Kaze wo Oru ITOH Hiroyuki 2010 13 vocal ensemble Commissioned by Voxhumana
402 Die Drei Wuensche ITOH Hiroyuki 2010 3 vn, vc, clavichord Commissioned by ensemble
401 Terra Incognita ITOH Hiroyuki 2009 11 perc (vib, bass-drum, 3 cowbells, 2 wood-blocks) Commissioned and published by ZEN-ON. CD: FOCD2569 (Fontec, Tokyo)
400 A Dream of Ockeghem I ITOH Hiroyuki 2008 3 cl in Bb, pf A creative transcription of "D'un autre amer" by Johannes Ockeghem
352 Fading into a Dark Forest ITOH Hiroyuki 2009 10 fl, ob, cl, perc, pf, vn, vla, vc Commissioned by the Takefu International Music Festival. CD: FOCD2569 (Fontec, Tokyo)
351 Black Elves ITOH Hiroyuki 2008 5 Cl in Bb Commissioned by Ikuko Suzuki
330 Quietly, Deeply, and Intensely ITOH Hiroyuki 2008 14 Mixed-chorus, Pf Commissioned by Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus. CD: FOCD2569 (Fontec, Tokyo)

52Hit ( 1 - 20 )  (1) 2 3 »